Setup Debug & Release Environments in Android App – The Best Way

We need to setup debug, testing or release environments or variants while creating an Android app. In a web application, we mostly have the option to define environment configuration variables. In Android, you can also setup debug, release or other build types and their parameters. The app will have the appropriate set of parameters depending upon the build variant.

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Connect Android App to Localhost Web Server Over Wi-Fi

Access or connect android app to localhost over Wi-Fi and it will give you a lot flexibility to develop, run and test the app. My scenario was that I had created an android app which had need to access my local web server (XAMPP) for faster testing and the application was running on an emulator as well as device.

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Add Default WordPress Categories and Tags to Custom Post Types

You can add default WordPress Categories and Tags taxonomies to Custom Post Types through passing taxonomies parameters to arguments. In previous article we had learnt how to create CPT using code in functions.php. Here I will explain how can you use WordPress default built-in taxonomies like Categories and Tags with those CPT.

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