5 Best Hosting Plans for Beginners and New Website

When you launch a new website for business or you’re just a beginner, you have to manage many things like web hosting and promotions. Additionally, you might have already paid a decent amount of money for the development company.

Further, you have to pay for everything from your pocket until the business starts giving the return. And the worse part is, the website doesn’t already have any visitors. In such a case, it is wise to minimize the expenses in the early days of website launching and thereafter as well.

Best Hosting Plans for Beginners and New Website

After all, you’re bearing everything from your pocket. The cost of hosting the website is also a significant charge to consider. Additionally, it gets more important to control this cost in the early years since a newly launched website doesn’t have any decent traffic.

Seeking Hosting for a New Website?

A new website doesn’t have the same hosting requirements as an established one. So there is no means to choose an expensive plan. In case there is a need, you can upgrade the plan anytime later.

But even being a beginner, you want to ensure the newly launched website stay online 24x as well as can hold pretty traffic after the investment.

So it is necessary to choose a hosting company wisely that offers the best resources as well as the speed while keeping the cost minimal. For this purpose, the article mentions 5 best hosting providers and plans that are the best fit for a new website with a comparatively lower cost.

Additionally, I will also tell how can you save a decent amount of money with these hosting plans. These reviews are based on features, benefits, economical pricing, security, speed, and more for a newly launched website.

Hostinger – Number #1 Economical Hosting

Hostinger is my first choice on the list of hosting plans for a newly created website. I picked them because of their combination of fabulous speed, offerings, and the lowest price. Currently, they are offering a massive 90% discount on new purchases.

Hostinger Web Hosting for Beginners

The company offers the Basic hosting plan at 0.99 dollars, which is pretty ideal for beginners as well as low traffic websites. You can get this plan for 4 years at only 47.52 dollars. With the plan, you get a free SSL certificate as well. The Basic plan is powerful enough to handle around 100,000 monthly visitors.

Hostinger also offers other extremely affordable plans as per need without compromising excellent quality and performance. Their data centers are located in the US, Europe, and Asia with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

Additionally, Hostinger is one of the fastest web hosting providers with an average load and under 200 ms. The following picture below displays the load times of a website we hosted on their server. Aside from speed, the excellent multilingual customer success team quickly reviews your issue and fixes it as soonest.

Hostinger Web Hosting Speed

The company offers an intuitive dashboard to manage the hosting and website, named hPanel. A clean and straight-forward design makes the website management lots easier. Additionally, their servers are powered with the most robust LiteSpeed cache to serve pages at optimum speed.

You can also set and run a WordPress website within minutes using the 1-click installation. Furthermore, they have an impressive Zyro website builder with 1000’s of templates with streamline designs.

Hostinger gives amazing value for your investment. It is one of the better web hosts for beginners. Though you’re not limited just to the Basic plan. They have robust Premium, Dedicated WordPress, Cloud plans as well as VPS. Each stands with remarkable features and quality with the best cheap web hosting you can find.

  • One among the fastest web host.
  • Cheaper pricing for long terms.
  • LiteSpeed caching.
  • Up to 90% discount on new purchases.
  • Reasonable renewal pricing.
  • Free SSL with the Basic plan.
  • Free domain with the Premium plan and further.
  • Knowledgable and friendly customer success team

Additionally, you can read my detailed uses experience as well as the review of Hostinger’s shared hosting plans.

Getting Started and Saving the Most for a Beginner Website

If you’re tight on the budget, there is no other choice better than Hostinger for a fresh website.

Indian customers can start with the Basic plan for just 59/- per month. It’s cheapest among all without any compromise to the quality. Whereas international customers can begin a website with an extremely lower $0.99/month cost. The plan renews at INR 199/- and USD 2.15 per month respectively for each.

Indian Customers

PlanSingle Web Hosting
Term48 months
Monthly price199/- 59/-
Total cost2,832/-
Saving6,720/- (70%)
  1. Go to Hostinger website and click Start Now
  2. Add the desired plan to the cart
  3. Choose a period
  4. I would definitely add Cloudflare protection for a one-time nominal fee
  5. Proceed to Checkout and create an account.
  6. Choose your preferred payment option among many like Paytm
  7. After the final checkout, set up the new website in the dashboard

Get Hostinger (IN)

International Customers

PlanSingle Web Hosting
Term48 months
Monthly Price$9.99 $0.99
Total cost$47.52
Saving$432 (90%)
  1. Go to Hostinger website and click Start Now
  2. Add the desired plan to the cart
  3. Choose a period
  4. Provide account information and payment method
  5. Submit the page and you will have easy hPanel in no time

Get Hostinger

Bluehost – A Prestigious Web Host

Bluehost is a reliable and incredible host for beginner to advanced users. With a free domain for the first year along with a free SSL certificate and plenty of resources, Bluehost is my next hosting platform recommendation.

Bluehost Basic Plan for New Website

Bluehost also offers impressive add-ons to website protection, backup as well as improved speed. One of the most significant add-ons offered by Bluehost is Cloudflare integration. This Content Delivery Network (CDN) protects the website from DDoS attacks and fake traffic.

Additionally, CDN also speeds up the website fantastically by hosting and serving resources like CSS, JS images as well as HTML files from their worldwide network of servers. Similarly, there is a SiteLock security add-on for defending websites against attacks and malware.

While the Basic plan for a new website is comparatively costlier than others mentioned here, it is worth it. It comes with 24×7 support, unmetered bandwidth, 30 days money-back guarantee. So it’s an all in one platform with nothing else to worry about.

Also, Bluehost is recommended for WordPress by wordpress.org itself. Website speed is much better with an average load time under half a second. So you’d be getting a pretty better value for your money.

  • Versatile add-ons.
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Excellent security features.
  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel.
  • Officially WordPress.org recommended.
  • Multi-channel support including the phone call.
  • Generous storage with shared hosting plans.
Getting Started

Luckily Bluehost’s shared hosting as well as WordPress hosting packages have the same pricing plans and features.

  1. Go to the Bluehost website (India/US) and click Get Started
  2. It will take you to the plan selection page to host WordPress websites
  3. If you want a PHP hosting, click Hosting →  Shared Hosting
  4. Select the plan
  5. Create a new domain (first year free) or use existing
  6. Enter your account and package information
  7. Uncheck addons if they aren’t desired
  8. After the submission and payment, you’re ready to go!
Saving the Most for a Beginner Website

I recommend Indian customers to start with the Basic plan for just 199/- per month. While international customers can pick the discounted $3.95/month plan for a new website.

Indian Customers

PlanBasic plan
Term36 months
Monthly price499/- 199/-
Total cost7164/-
Saving10,800/- (60%)

Get Bluehost (IN)

International Customers

PlanBasic plan
Term36 months
Monthly price$7.99 $3.95
Total cost$142.20
Saving$145.44 (50%)

Get Bluehost

Env-friendly GreenGeeks for a Newly Launched Website

If you’re searching for an environment-conscious web host then look nowhere else except GreenGeeks. Every aspect of their hosting platform is built to be as energy-efficient as possible. Additionally, they’re listed as a Green Power Partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

GreenGeeks Beginner Website Hosting

GreenGeeks isn’t as well known as some of the other hosting companies, but they are in the business for more than a decade.

They have data centers in Chicago and Phoenix (US), Montreal (Canada) as well as Amsterdam (Netherland). Their hosting services and features are firm and worth giving a try.

The introductory Lite plan is available for two platforms, general web hosting as well as WordPress hosting, with identical features. The difference is that the later is optimized specially for WordPress.

The plan costs $2.95 monthly for a period of 3 years along with remarkable features. Choosing GreenGeeks lets you enjoy many features without any limit. Unlimited data transfer, storage space, email accounts are such a few to name. Additionally, there is no restriction on the number of MySQL databases, as well as parked and subdomains.

The list doesn’t end here. They also include free nightly backup, LiteSpeed cache, and free CDN services for much better performance. You also enjoy a free domain for the first year with the plan. So there is no additional add-ons cost involved. 

  • Developer friendly features.
  • Environment-friendly practices.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Considerable features without additional cost.
  • No limit on database and subdomains.
  • Above and beyond technical support.
  • Container-based technology and isolation.
  • The same price for plans despite it’s a Web or WP hosting.
Saving the Most for a Website to Getting Started

The Lite plan by GreenGeeks is perfect for small websites or blogs that are just getting started. Begin your new website with mostly unlimited and couples of features with this package.

PlanLite plan
Term36 months
Monthly price$9.95 $2.95
Total cost$106.20
Saving$252 (70%)
  1. Visit the GreenGeeks website
  2. Pick web or WordPress hosting from the top menu
  3. Click GET STARTED to the matching plan
  4. Set up the domain by creating new or using existing
  5. Provide account details
  6. Verify the package detail as well as server location
  7. Your account is ready for green hosting post the payment

Get GreenGeeks

iPage – Budgeted Hosting for New Website

iPage is the next host in our list for a fair combination of quality service and economical pricing. All hosting plans come with a free domain registration for the first year. iPage makes web hosting easy for budget-conscious website owners. They have quite a different approach to introductory web hosting.

iPage Cheap Web Hosting

iPage offers only one plan rather than different tiers of plans. The plan costs $1.99 per month for a 3-year duration. Further, it includes everything that a newly launched website needs. It has a vDeck control panel instead of cPanel to make it easier for customers to use.

iPage provides a low-cost package and is a reliable web hosting company. The plan features are a free domain for the first year, free SSL certificate, unlimited domain names, and disk space. They also offer free online store and various shopping carts to integrate into your e-commerce website.

The customer support is rich with an online help center, tutorials, ticket system as well as phone and chat support.

iPage hosting is a decent choice for local businesses on a budget to build, market, and grow a small business website. Also, iPage is an excellent hosting platform because of its low-cost offerings and easy website tools.

Their website builder is limited to just six pages. However, you will find hundreds of templates and themes to install from. They have easy to use setup wizards and integration with content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress.

If you’re looking for an affordable hosting solution for a small website, then iPage is for you. Additionally, they offer website design and marketing services as well. You can order them rather than hiring an external service provider or doing it yourself.

  • Cheap hosting plan.
  • Single plan to fit all.
  • Design and marketing services.
  • $200 worth of free ad credits.
  • Various add-ons.
  • Free domain and SSL
Saving the Most for a Newly Launched Website

iPage offers introductory $1.99/month web hosting along with elegant google and Bing ads credit to market your website. Furthermore, it’s a good choice for eCommerce functionality. Here is how you can make the maximum saving.

PlanWeb Hosting
Term36 months
Monthly price$7.99 $1.99
Total cost$71.64
Saving$216 (75%)
  1. Visit the iPage website and click Get Started Now
  2. Type existing domain name or a new one to the domain registration page
  3. If it is an existing domain you own, then click the “+” button next to it
  4. For a fresh one, click the “+” button next to the one you like
  5. It will associate the domain to your hosting account
  6. Then click to “Next, Choose My Term” button
  7. Select desired term length
  8. Afterward, click the “Next, Customize My Plan” button
  9. Uncheck the additional add-ons you don’t want to purchase
  10. Hit the “Continue To Payment” button
  11. Provide the billing information and payment method
  12. After the purchase, the panel is ready to host the website

Get iPage

Namecheap Web Hosting for Beginners

Namecheap is a reputed hosting provider and Domain Registrar since I heard the term Hosting the very first time.

Namecheap Beginners Webhosting New

The exciting news is, Namecheap offers a reasonable monthly price and payment option as well for those who don’t want to tie with a long term plan. Though it reasonably costs $2.88 per month, it is even compatible with the monthly discounted price offered in yearly plans.

They offer a versatile list of products from shared hosting to dedicated servers. All their packages include 30 days money-back guarantee, free website migration, and excellent 24/7 support.

Even you can get managed WordPress hosting at $1.90/monthly for the first year and $2.49/monthly afterward with an annual plan. EasyWP by Namecheap is a true Managed WordPress Hosting solution for everyone.

Enjoy free domain and SSL for the first year, unmetered bandwidth, backup, free website builder as well as their Supersonic CDN service to speed up the websites. All these come without any additional cost. You can host up to 3 websites with the basic Stellar plan.

Through, SSL certificate costs 50% charge for the next year and the full price afterward. Also, the US datacenter location is free. But if you host websites in the UK, there is a $1 monthly fee applies.

  • Variety of products and packages.
  • 100% uptime claimed.
  • Free website migration.
  • WP managed hosting setup within 2 minutes.
  • Monthly payment option as well.
  • Auto backup and Supersonic CDN.
Saving the Most with Namecheap New Website Hosting

The Namecheap website displays plans in your preferred currency. You can change it by selecting from the currency dropdown menu on the top right, before the search icon. Here are the plan and the term offering the most savings.

Term24 months24 months
Monthly price211.08/- 90.88/-$2.88 $1.24
Total cost2,181.12/-$29.76
%age Saving(56%)(56%)
  1. Go to the Namecheap website
  2. Select the product from the top menu
  3. Click Get Started with the preferred plan
  4. Type existing domain name or create a new one
  5. Sign in and provide requested information
  6. After the successful checkout, host the website and start bringing traffic

Get Namecheap

Which Beginner Hosting Plan did You Pick for New Website

So I hope this comprehensive list has given you a much clear idea for choosing the right plan for a new website. When you start a website or business, there stay many challenges, assignments, and expenses you have to deal with. You don’t know the future. You’re just starting.

So it becomes necessary to invest money in the hosting plan which gives you the essential features at minimum cost. These 5 web hosting providers are such the right platforms to host a newly launched website.

Additionally, if you’re a beginner I recommend you check these 10 secret things before you buy a hosting plan. Finally, I would love to hear how much this article helped you? Also, which host you picked for the newly created website while none else would know about your site? Please express your thoughts on the comments.

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