6 Best Domain Registrars – Pricing Overview, Pros, and Cons

Finding the best domain registrars among more than a thousand web hosts is quite inconvenient. It has been harder to know which domain registrar is best for your website. However, the trouble is over. We’ve got you covered here.

We have listed our 6 best domain registrar recommendations. I have covered an overview of the pricing, pros, and cons of these registrars in this article. You will also know common FAQs about domain registration.

Best Domain Registrars

Best Domain Registrars in 2020

Our top 6 picks for domain registration are:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Domain.com
  3. Hostinger
  4. Namecheap
  5. Hover
  6. Namesilo

Later at the end of the article, you will find other popular registrars as well as a list of preferred companies for domain registration in India.

NOTE: Prices shown in the article are purely for indicative purposes. For accurate pricing, please visit the respective registrar’s website.

BluehostFree Domain Registration with Web Hosting

Bluehost (India/International) is my #1 web hosting recommendation. Also, you get a free domain name for the first year when you buy their hosting product.

Bluehost - Free Domain Registration with Web Hosting

Bluehost is an excellent choice if you’re starting a brand new website, as you get a domain free of cost for the first year in addition. You can get both just in INR 199/- (39% saving) or $3.95 per month.

Yearly Pricing Overview
.com819/-799/-$12.99 €11.06 
.net949/-799/-$14.99 €12.76 
.org999/-999/-$9.99 €8.51 

INR Pricing

  • First-year free domain with hosting
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Chat, email, and phone support
  • Currency selection option to display pricing
  • Auto-renewal and domain transfer lock included
  • Privacy + protection is chargeable
  • Separate domain purchase isn’t cost-effective
  • Pricing difference for registration and renewal (less or more)

However, if you wish to register domains only, I highly recommend checking other alternatives here. Because buying domains from Bluehost is comparatively costlier than other registrars on the list.

Bluehost (USD/other)

Domain.comA Good Place for Domain Registration

Domain.com is a reliable registrar. The company primarily focuses on selling domains. Also, they have covered a comprehensive list of domain extensions and related services.


Additionally, if you buy any of their web hosting plans, you will receive a domain name free for the first year. Also, you don’t need to buy the hosting for 2 or more years for saving money since they have a fixed yearly price.

Yearly Pricing Overview
.com  $9.99$13.99  
.net  $12.99$15.99  
.org  $8.99$14.99  
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL
  • Email forwarding to another valid address
  • Total DNS management
  • Transfer Lock Security (TLS)
  • ICANN fee included
  • No product upsell
  • Higher renewal prices
  • No bulk buying benefits
  • Costs are shown in USD only
  • $8.99/year for domain privacy and protection

You can enjoy long-term registrations by registering your domain for up to five years at a time. This means you don’t have to worry about renewing the domain every year by paying in advance for up to 5 years.

However, you have to pay an extra $8.99/year for privacy protection. It is their cost to hide your personal information like name, address, email on public WHOIS pages. So expect to pay about $18.98 for a .com domain along with a privacy guard.


HostingerFree Domain and Hosting at Cheap Prices

Hostinger (India/International) is not only an affordable domain registrar but also a cheap web hosting provider too. They provide free domain names that are included in most of their hosting packages.

Hostinger - Free Domain and Hosting at Cheap Prices

The company amazingly offers up to 99% discounts on first-year registration. Also, their renewal prices appear quite reasonable. So it is worth checking the cost of your desired domain on the Hostinger website. Maybe you find an attractive deal.

Yearly Pricing Overview

INR Pricing

  • Heavy discount during the initial registration
  • Quite reasonable prices in further years for renewals
  • First-year free domain in upper web hosting plans
  • Hostinger websites in 40 languages/currencies
  • A good option to save the currency conversion fee
  • Limited domain extensions available
  • A minor charge for privacy protection
  • No free email account or forwarding with domain registration

The company has 40 websites under the brand name Hostinger for different countries and languages. So you can see their products in your language and currency. You just need to select your country-specific site using the menu next to the Hostinger logo at the top-left

This feature also enables you to pay in your currency using any of the popular payment methods available in your country. So if you have a digital wallet, chances are you might pay using that too. In this manner, you can avoid heavy currency conversion charges on your cards.

While Hostinger offers domain registration with popular extensions, unfortunately, they don’t have this facility available for certain generic domains like “.academy”, “.blog”. This limitation might disappoint you.

Hostinger (USD/other)

NamecheapOne of the Best Places to Buy and Sell Domains

Namecheap is a reputable domain registrar, currently managing over 10 million domain names. The company offers Popular domains at competitive prices.

Namecheap Best Buy Sell Domains

Namecheap isn’t just a domain registrar, they offer many domain-related services and an extensive marketplace. For example, it gives FreeDNS service for people whose registrars don’t provide DNS hosting.

Yearly Pricing Overview
  • Free privacy protection for entire domain life
  • DNSSEC security at free of cost
  • Easy domain management panel
  • Helpful customer support
  • Cost-saving on 50+ active domain
  • Domains marketplace to buy/sell
  • Currency switcher on the website 
  • Namecheap charges ICANN fee additionally
  • Renewal prices are higher than the initial cost
  • Free email service is chargeable after 2 months

Namecheap offers a variety of web hosting services too. You can see prices in your preferred currency by selecting the desired currency option from the top-right menu on their website.

Namecheap is a strong candidate in the list of best domain registrars at competitive prices. While the company offers privacy protection free of cost, their prices don’t cover the ICANN fee.


HoverDedicated Domain Registrar and Email Services

Many of you might have heard Hover for the first time. However, at the time of writing this article, they are the company specifically dedicated to selling domains and email services pretty well.

Hover - Dedicated Domain Registrar and Email Services

Hover offers 300+ top-level domain extensions. The best feature in domain registration I like is, there is no charge for WHOIS privacy protection on applicable extensions. Also, if you have 10 or more domains in your Hover account, you get a discount on renewal.

Yearly Pricing Overview
.com  $12.99$9.99  
.net  $15.49$12.49  
.org  $13.99$10.99  
  • Free WHOIS privacy included
  • Renewal discount with 10+ domains
  • Renewal costs are slightly less or more
  • Integrate domain with a platform
  • Variety of generic as well as non-generic TLDs
  • No phone trees during the support request
  • No free email account or forwarding
  • USD is the only currency to display prices
  • Not best pricing even focusing on domain registration
  • No website builder or web hosting service

Additionally, Hover simplified the process of connecting your domain to your favorite publishing platform with just a click or two. It means there is no hassle in running those services on your own branded domains. Hover connects the domain to either of many popular services including 500px, About.me, Ecwid, Instagram, Etsy, and many others.


NameSiloBest Domain Registrar for Bulk Purchases

NameSilo is a reputable name in the list of best domain registrars with over 3 million active domains. If you wish to buy domain names in bulk or cover similar names, alternative extensions, etc. then NameSilo is the best choice for you.

NameSilo - Best Domain Registrar for Bulk Purchases

The company stands out from the competition by offering discounts for bulk purchases and renewals. If you buy at least 50 domains in a single order, you qualify for the discount. Also, the renewal cost stays the same as the registration price. It doesn’t hike a few dollars more per year.

Similarly, if you have 100 or above active domains in your account, a discounted price applies when it comes to the time of renewal. All that you need is to renew using your account fund, not a card.

Yearly Pricing Overview
.com  $8.99$8.99  
.net  $11.79$11.79  
.org  $10.79$10.79  
  • Variety of TLDs
  • Free privacy protection for the entire life of the domain
  • Email and domain forwarding features
  • Free Domain Defender service
  • Sub-user accounts for easy management
  • Among the world’s fastest-growing registrars
  • One-click integration with popular services
  • API references to perform domain-related operations
  • Domain onboarding (setup process after registration) is poor
  • Higher limits to gain price discounts
  • Uses Google Translate for language change
  • No pricing option other than USD

Same to Hover, you can link your domain to third-party services like 500px, About.me, or G Suite. NameSilo will automatically create necessary records for you. You can also assign nameserver records at the time of checkout.

Finally, if you want to earn money by becoming a domain reseller, NameSilo is what you are looking to join.


We know that we haven’t included plenty of other domain registrars and resellers in the list. It’s because they all primarily offer the same services, and we want to ensure that our users could pick the best registrar without getting choice paralysis.

Still, if you wish to know the names, below are a few other popular domain registrars and web hosting providers:

  • Name.com
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • Google Domains
  • Register.com

Who are the Best Domain Registrars in India?

Generally, when you pay in a foreign currency, your bank or card issuer company deducts significant currency conversion fees. You should always pick domain registrars that accept payment in your local currency to avoid this charge.

In the context of India, I recommend Bluehost as well as Hostinger for their quality hosting services and support. They also accept payment in Indian Rupees. Furthermore, you get the domain registered for free with their website hosting packages.

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