3 Steps: Connect or Link Facebook App to Facebook Page

To connect or link Facebook app to your Facebook page, follow the simple information provided along with images in this article. Linking your Facebook application to your existing page is very straightforward. Just there is no enough information provided on Facebook documentation or elsewhere.

In this article there are only 3 easy steps which will take you into right direction to connect or add your app to Facebook page. Let’s start by logging to Facebook Developer Account where our app exists.

Connect or Link Facebook App to Facebook Page

Connect or Link Facebook App to Facebook Page

Add Facebook Page to App


1. Just start by logging into your developer account: https://developers.facebook.com/. From top right, select the desired app from My Apps dropdown menu.

2. From Settings menu, resides in left scrollspy, visit Advance sub-menu.

3. Scroll a bit and reach to card/panel title App Page. There on Select an Existing Page dropdown, you will see list of all Facebook pages you manage. Select desired page and finally click Save Changes button on bottom right to link the Facebook app to the page.

Last but not least keep remember that you might not see App Page panel if your app isn’t live. To know how to make your app live, read this article: Facebook app is still in development mode.

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So did you find it easier to connect or link Facebook app to your Facebook page? Don’t miss to tell us in comments. Or have any question / coordination needed in to your application / web and social network like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google plus? Feel free to ask us either in comments or just drop an email at support@fellowtuts.com. You can also use contact page provided.

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