Facebook app is still in development mode & don’t have access

app is still in development mode

When you setup App on Facebook and try to make login with Facebook available in your script, everything seems fine but when someone attempt to login with a Facebook account he/she gets either of these errors from Facebook: 

App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login.

So here is the step by step tutorial to setup your app properly, fix these errors and make the things up for your application.

This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it:

This error comes when your app is not live. Let’s start  and do it right.

1. Visit https://developers.facebook.com/ and login to your developer account.

2. There, click on the Apps menu on the top bar and select the respective app from the drop down.

Facebook App

The circle next to your app name is not fully green. When you hover mouse on it, you’ll see a popup saying, “Not available to all users because your app is not live.” So next, you’ve to make it publicly available.

3. Click on setting at left panel. [see the screenshot below]

Settings to make app live

4. In Basic tab add your “Contact Email” (a valid email address – I’ve added the one which I’m using with Facebook developer account) and make “Save changes“. Please note that you must have to provide this to make the app live in upcoming step. It’s the most important part where developers fail to setup app properly.

5. Next click “App Review” at left penal. [see the screenshot below]

App review: make app available to public

6. Look for this, Make Astech App public? and Turn ON the switch below to this. Once you toggle the switch to “Yes” , the text right to it will turn to: Your app is currently live and available to the public(My app’s name is Astech App, you might have something different)

7. That’s it! – App is now publicly available. See the fully green circle next to app name. 

App is publicly available

Now try to use Login with Facebook button in your application and check have you fixed the “This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.” issue.

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  • majeedzara

    Thank you very much. It’s save lot of work.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Saini

    thank you so much
    really very helpful for me

    Sanjeev Kumar
    W. chic.knctme.website

  • Aitzaz Ahsan

    Thanku so much its working fine…. for me
    Realllllllllllly great Artical

    • Amit Sonkhiya

      Most welcome Aitzaz

  • Max Pye

    I dont have status and review? i have set as public but it still says error

    • Amit Sonkhiya

      Hi @maxpye:disqus
      Facebook has changed dashboard and the Status & Review tab has been replaced by App review. Ensure that you have specified Contact Email and turned app public from App Review. You must have a green circle right to app name after success.

      If you’re still facing issue than let me know.

  • Adi Krasimirova

    Hello Amit,
    I have done everything you shown in the article…my app is public, but I still get the Error 🙁

    • Amit Sonkhiya

      Hi @adikrasimirova:disqus
      Sorry to know that, would you like to create & share us one activity app to connect with facebook as you’re doing as well as add us as admin to your FB app page?

    • Amit Sonkhiya

      Also please verify Key Hashes in Settings -> Basic in your app page are true & correct. Put multiple keys there for which you think it might a key