Display home featured page’s image in Customizr Theme

Customizr is a beautiful, responsive and free theme for WordPress available with 8 skins or theme colors. This powerful theme is ready for popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress and qTranslate. You can download this theme at WordPress Theme directory.

Two of the things I like about the Customizr Theme are that it allows you to add slider on each page/post as well as it displays featured pages at your home page in unique manner that enhances beauty of your website’s home page.

customizr home featured image

While configuring featured pages option in one of my client’s project in Customizr Theme, I faced problem in displaying images of featured pages on home page as you can see in the picture below. The images were not appearing at all.


In this article I am presenting you to deal with the problem in displaying home featured page’s image in Customizr Theme.

I assume that you already installed and activated theme as well as created featured pages (set featured images too in that post/page).

1. In your website dashboard go to the customize menu.

Customize Menu

2. Copy and paste the following code to the textbox given under Custom CSS.


Customizr CSS

Alternatively if you have child theme installed then copy the code in your child theme’s style.css.

3. Click on Save & Publish and visit your home page. The problem has been fixed now. You have featured page’s images in your website’s home page.

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