4 ways to empty an array in JavaScript

JavaScript arrays are commonly used by developers and making them empty is also used in practice. Here I am describing 4 ways to empty an array in JavaScript:

1. Use splice() method
2. Set length to zero
3. Using pop() method
4. Set array to new empty array

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What are tags and tag cloud in WordPress?

Tags and tag cloud in WordPress are terms that quickly tell readers what a post is about and a useful way to group related posts together. A very few years ago I used to thought that tags are tricky things that are placed by bloggers to confuse people (:-D)! But soon I got familiarize with this one and so I thought to write a blog post to let readers and WordPress beginners to be familiar with tags and tag cloud.

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event.preventDefault() vs. return false

event.preventDefault() vs. return false is a very important but confusing topic that which one should be used and for what. When we want to prevent other event handlers from executing after a certain event is fired, we can use one of these two techniques

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Return the response from AJAX call – the right way to do

AJAX is common now a days. People try to implement AJAX but fail to return the response from AJAX call successfully because they misunderstood the concept behind AJAX and the right way to do that.

Here I have tried to explain the flow and restructure the code for AJAX to let your application work. First I have explained the problem then the meaning of AJAX and flow as well followed by the solution.

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jQuery Ajax load() method

The jQuery AJAX load() method is a very simple and powerful jQuery AJAX method. It loads data from the server and place the returned HTML into the matched element.

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jQuery Ajax

Nowadays IT developers is fan of using Ajax due to requirement of time and rendering HTML without page refreshing. Mainly It works on asynchronous mode but we can use it in synchronous mode also.

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Cookies in javascript

For years, in web technology,we need to store data on the client side. Before the advent of HTML5 and its new mechanisms, every developer used cookies to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, working with cookies in JavaScript can cause a lot of headaches. This article discusses what cookies are, and how to use.

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MySQL has DATETIME and TIMESTAMP fields to store date & time in MySQL database. There are some points that should be keep into mind while choosing data type to store date and time. DATETIME or TIMESTAMP? Let’s compare.

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Methods and tips to prevent SQL Injection attacks

In this article we are presented with few methods and tips to prevent SQL Injection attacks in our web application.
In simple term when an application takes user data as an input, there is an opportunity for a malicious user to enter carefully crafted data that causes the input to be interpreted as part of a SQL query instead of data in our application.

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