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21 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers (II) for Experienced

After publishing part I of WordPress Interview Questions and Answers for from fresher to experienced programmers, we are writing a set of 21 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers (II) for Experienced. These questions are asked generally from a WordPress developer having around 3 years of experience as well as freshers can also take their expertise at an advance level with help of these Interview Questions and Answers.

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PHP Interview Questions – I

In this article on PHP Interview Questions, I have compiled a list of fundamental PHP interview questions and answers that were asked in a real interview for a PHP web developer position. Every PHP web developer should know these questions/answer of PHP. So, either you are preparing for any interview in PHP development or are a web developer, you should go through the following list of interview questions in PHP. These PHP questions are mix of basic PHP questions to advance questions that expert PHP engineers know.

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