WordPress AJAX Login and Register without a Plugin

We can implement WordPress AJAX Login and Register without a Plugin. This tutorial will assist to let you do it in right manner with some additional features too, including Best practice techniques, Both forms in popup windows, AJAX Login and Register without a Plugin, Inbuilt client side form validation with jQuery, Opening login/register form from link given in another popup.

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Deactivate plugins when not able to access dashboard

Sometimes any change made in WordPress site mess it’s working and we need to deactivate plugins or set default theme with alternate methods because we feel ourselves not able to access dashboard to undo changes.

Most of the times we see blank pages whenever we try to open wp admin dashboard that can happen due to any poor plugin or broken theme.

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Loop in wordpress

In every programming or script language, loops structure has its own importance. Generally Wordpress follows PHP. But wordpress also has some specific ways to achieve loops functionality.

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Getting top parent category

Someday before I got a query for getting top parent category of a post.
Query was as following: I have a post, the post is in 3 categories. The category hierarchy is like so: Fashion => Men => Shoes

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WordPress – Shortcodes in custom widget

Few days before, I developed a custom widget as per requirement and in that I was using textbox and textarea for inputting data. I was using HTML tags and Shortcodes in custom widget but Problem was that short-codes rendering out as text.

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WordPress AJAX login in sidebar without a plugin – Part II (AJAX logout)

In the previous part of this tutorial we covered technique to implement AJAX login in sidebar without a plugin in WordPress. In this part two we will continue with AJAX logout.

After a successful login, login form gets disappear and AJAX loads user’s display name and a link to logout on the same page. Now we need to apply some functionality to show the same and keeping the login form hidden on page refresh or redirect.

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WordPress AJAX login in sidebar without a plugin – Part I (Login)

In this AJAX login articles series we will implement best-practice techniques to provide Ajax login/logout mechanism for WordPress that will be available in sidebar.

By following this article you will be able to create a nice login box that resides in widget sidebar of your website and checks for user credentials and behaves accordingly .

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Moving the Sharing and Like buttons in Jetpack

In our WordPress blogs, the Sharing and Like buttons in Jetpack get printed at the end of the the_content() Loop function, which causes them to display at the end of our post’s text by default. But that may not be where we want them in our site’s design.

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