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Implementing Google reCaptcha in WordPress AJAX Register

Thanks to all visitors for their love to the article http://fellowtuts.com/wordpress/wordpress-ajax-login-and-register-without-a-plugin/. As we got many requests to implement Google reCaptcha in WordPress AJAX Register, I’m here with the wonderful code which will protect spams through Google reCaptcha during registration in your WordPress powered site.

Google reCaptcha in WordPress AJAX Register

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WordPress pagination with AJAX

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web technology that allows a web page to dynamically update content without reloading the page within the browser. The website becomes more interactive and responsive with the use of this technology. WordPress pagination with AJAX is important topic nowadays. Because every website wants to load its content asynchronously so that page loads with speed.

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Bootstrap 3 Pagination in WordPress

The function below will assist you to smoothly add pagination in your WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap 3 pagination style. This function is easy to read and to customize as well as contains features like:

  • Bootstrap Styling
  • First and Last Button
  • Previous and Next Button
  • Current page & total number of pages
  • First/Last text invisible on small devices
  • Previous/Next text invisible on small devices
  • Works with custom post types by passing parameters to function

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Forgot Password with AJAX in WordPress Login and Register

After getting many requests from visitors to integrate Forgot Password with AJAX in my previous tutorial WordPress AJAX Login and Register without a Plugin I decided to write a post about steps and code to add in that article to include Forgot Password functionality. This article is an improvement over that previous article as well as it will be sure helpful to understand how does the functionality actually work.

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21 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers (II) for Experienced

After publishing part I of WordPress Interview Questions and Answers for from fresher to experienced programmers, we are writing a set of 21 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers (II) for Experienced. These questions are asked generally from a WordPress developer having around 3 years of experience as well as freshers can also take their expertise at an advance level with help of these Interview Questions and Answers.

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Restore an older version of a theme or plugin

We usually update themes and plugins installed whenever respective authors release a new version of that program installed in our WordPress software. But at a time I had need to restore an older version of a theme as I was using child theme and the parent theme author made numerous changes in theme files as well as added some new class references which were making child theme incompatible.

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