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MySQL update if value is greater than current value

While working with MySQL database there might be situation when you wish to update certain column only if the value being updated is greater than existing value or current value stored in that column. MySQL GREATEST and LEAST functions are quite handy in such situations. Let’s see how can we use first function to update a column if value is greater than current value.

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Bootstrap 3 Pagination in WordPress

The function below will assist you to smoothly add pagination in your WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap 3 pagination style. This function is easy to read and to customize as well as contains features like:

  • Bootstrap Styling
  • First and Last Button
  • Previous and Next Button
  • Current page & total number of pages
  • First/Last text invisible on small devices
  • Previous/Next text invisible on small devices
  • Works with custom post types by passing parameters to function

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Apply foreign key in phpMyAdmin using database query

If you already have database tables and you just want to apply foreign keys for record on those table then you can apply foreign key in phpMyAdmin using database query also.

I have already written a tutorial ‘Setting up foreign key in phpMyAdmin‘ with example images and I prefer to write database query to set up foreign key in existing database tables as queries allow me to accomplish all required steps in once go.

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