Add Default WordPress Categories and Tags to Custom Post Types

You can add default WordPress Categories and Tags taxonomies to Custom Post Types through passing taxonomies parameters to arguments. In previous article we had learnt how to create CPT using code in functions.php. Here I will explain how can you use WordPress default built-in taxonomies like Categories and Tags with those CPT.

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Handy Function to check if jQuery Datatable exists

jQuery Datatable is a powerful jQuery plug-in used to display the data in listing at front-end. These datatables handle our data to show in a user friendly manner and provide lot of features to use like sorting, searching, paging, and export to different types of file and print. jQuery datatable provides all these features in very user-friendly and easier to use manner. But while using such DataTable, first we need to check if that jQuery DataTable instance exists or not.

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English to Hindi Translation – Google Translation API

Nowadays English to Hindi translation is common practice. Many tools are available online which makes easy your English to Hindi translation. At many of social medias also, people use to write in hi-English which is mostly in practice to India. Here I am describing steps to do English to Hindi translation in our web application using Google Language Translation API.

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