Responsive Modal or Popup – only CSS and Animation

Responsive modal or popup are common features in a web application. They are used to show extra information or a form on the same page as popup above existing content upon clicking to a link or button. This article will help you to create a responsive modal or popup with CSS only.

I have also explained this pure CSS concept along with. So that you can understand how does this thing work. It will help you to change the CSS rule to organize responsive modal in your own way.

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What is Android? Brief introduction to Android

We can’t imagine mobiles without Android. With fast increasing number of smartphones, we can find Android powered mobiles almost at every home. It’s true that the whole world stay in your hand at gesture of your finger in Android but what is Android ? Let us know many a things about it.

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Detecting mobile devices using jquery or javascript

Now a days, mobile is a common device in everyone’s hand. Internet is also used very much using these devices. So for web world, It is a challenge to be compatible their websites with these devices. For that, every application should be detect mobile device. Every language has its own method to detect the mobile device but we are explaining here the way of detecting mobile devices using jQuery or JAVASCRIPT.

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Embed base64 encoded images

Most modern desktop browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer supports images encoded as data url. But there are problems displaying data URLs in some mobile browsers like Android Stock Browser.

Here we are presenting that how we can embed base64 encoded images in various platforms.

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How to detect the screen resolution with javascript

In javascript, the screen.width and screen.height properties contain the size of a visitor’s monitor is set to. Bear in mind that the size of the monitor is set to, is not the same as the size of the browser window a visitor is using as windows can of course be set to different sizes. To get screen resolution with javascript we need to get the height and width of the viewport which depends on browser.

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jQuery UI sliders on touch devices

I was using jQuery UI range slider and it was working on desktop very well but my website was responsive and working very well on touche devices. But jQuery UI sliders on touch devices appear to be incompatible when viewed on Ipad and Iphone. So I googled on this issue and found a solution which am explaining here

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iPad/iPhone detection using JavaScript

every website is designed as a responsive so that it can be visited on any resolution window. But browser does not behave same on all the devices. For that, In CSS, we use media query. But using css, we can’t generate html fully compatible with all the devices.

I wanted to post another useful snippet of code for iPad/iPhone detection using javascript

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