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What are tags and tag cloud in WordPress?

Tags and tag cloud in WordPress are terms that quickly tell readers what a post is about and a useful way to group related posts together. A very few years ago I used to thought that tags are tricky things that are placed by bloggers to confuse people (:-D)! But soon I got familiarize with this one and so I thought to write a blog post to let readers and WordPress beginners to be familiar with tags and tag cloud.

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Return the response from AJAX call – the right way to do

AJAX is common now a days. People try to implement AJAX but fail to return the response from AJAX call successfully because they misunderstood the concept behind AJAX and the right way to do that.

Here I have tried to explain the flow and restructure the code for AJAX to let your application work. First I have explained the problem then the meaning of AJAX and flow as well followed by the solution.

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