5 star rating in PHP with AJAX and jQuery

Displaying a star ranking system is a common requirement to implement in websites. We have explained here how can we show a group of stars for each database record and dynamically apply 5 star rating in PHP with AJAX and jQuery. You can make AJAX calls to store rating of the record in database.

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Only variables should be passed by reference

Sometime we face a unique type of problem during development and we watch the code thoroughly but not find the error where we are getting. ‘Only variables should be passed by reference‘ in $file_extension = end(explode(‘.’, $file_name)) is the same type of problem which does not seem as error in our code and it happens in usual code.

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PHP make directory or create year months folders

Like in a WordPress website, photos added in posts inside dashboard post editor are kept in dynamically generated year months directories inside wp-content/uploads directory by default. This blog will assist you to make directory in PHP and we will then create year months folders at our server.

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Ajax Image Upload using PHP and jQuery

Ajax Image Upload using PHP and jQuery is very important topic nowadays because everybody wants to save their data without refreshing the page. Today we are going to generate an Ajax based image uploader, which means the image file will be uploaded to server using Ajax request, without reloading the page.

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Automatic Update Copyright Year

Still wonder how to automatic update copyright year instead of changing hard-coded value each year. Lol!! You need some fresh air to let your mind breathe. Use PHP’s date() function which can echo the current year in your copyright text.

Copyright ©< ?php echo date('Y'); ?> | Your Company Name

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Number of days in a month

PHP provides functions to get the number of days in a month for a specified year and calendar. We can use date(‘t’) or cal_days_in_month. See syntax, parameters and examples in rest of the article.

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Embed base64 encoded images

Most modern desktop browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer supports images encoded as data url. But there are problems displaying data URLs in some mobile browsers like Android Stock Browser.

Here we are presenting that how we can embed base64 encoded images in various platforms.

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