Resizing colorbox iframe using jquery

Once I was in problem of resizing colorbox iframe.
The scenario was that I have opened the colorbox iframe for opening a page and that iframe size was according to that opened page content.

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Page Not Found Except Home Page Error

WordPress is a powerful CMS. Sometimes a slight tweak can make your website inaccessible. A common problem that most WordPress users face at some point is WordPress posts returning a Page Not Found Error. This may even occur after some updates in theme/plugins or settings. In this article we will show you how to deal with WordPress page not found except home page error.

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How to Redirect URL

There are several ways to redirect a user from one URL to another. There might be several reasons to do this. I am describing different ways to redirect a URL or page quickly and seamlessly including redirect URL using JavaScript, use a meta tag, redirect using an htaccess file, redirection using PHP and finally redirect URL in WordPress.

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One Sided or Two Sided Box Shadow in CSS

Today, we will learn how to apply shadows to to a box only or one or two edges. First of all we will learn what is box shadow and then will look at different examples to apply them either one side or two sides to a box. Also remember, there is no support in IE8 and previous version.

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Toggle class using jQuery

Sometimes we faced the problem of toggling the class in html because of only by changing the classes can do a different action in html.

Toggle class means exchange the class names. We can toggle class using jQuery as follows:




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PHP Interview Questions – I

In this article on PHP Interview Questions, I have compiled a list of fundamental PHP interview questions and answers that were asked in a real interview for a PHP web developer position. Every PHP web developer should know these questions/answer of PHP. So, either you are preparing for any interview in PHP development or are a web developer, you should go through the following list of interview questions in PHP. These PHP questions are mix of basic PHP questions to advance questions that expert PHP engineers know.

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