How to set scroll position to bottom in a div using javascript

Generally we create a div with the content and dynamically update the content. Further, we want to maintain the scroll position according to updated content. So there is one question of how to set scroll position to bottom in a div using JavaScript. Same type of problem I faced few days ago when I was working with a ajax message application and I am trying to get a div to scroll to the bottom when chat is updated.

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Fancybox ajax content & navigation issue in group & popup

While working with fancybox, you might have noticed that any button or link or input inside fancybox popup just behaves like previous/next item slider, making that coming item to appear in popup rather of doing it’s assigned code on click. All the reason is the width specified for `fancybox-nav` class with higher `z-index` for it.

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Get query string parameters values from URL in JavaScript

Sometimes we need to retrieve URL parameters values from browser address bar in our client side script to process some functioning like click to a button or show/hide some elements. Here I have created a function in JavaScript to get query string parameters from URL and displayed uses example.

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escaping special characters in jQuery selector

jQuery is a very powerful javascript library that We use all the time. It’s simple to use, yet easy enough to do very advanced things. Anyone who has used jQuery knows that you can do quite a lot with selectors. One of the caveats that I found is using a selector for a DOM element that contains special characters.

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Getting Class or Id of element that fired an event

In jQuery we sometimes need to find class or Id of element that fires an event in a web page. This simple code below will do the job for getting Class or Id of element that fired an event in jQuery.

First of all we need jQuery so you need to add self hosted jQuery or one from available CDNs. I’m getting it from Google here.

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Getting all element values using jQuery

Many times we face the problem of getting all the form controls or elements values of a long form. Because sometime getting so many controls by their id or name is very typical that make a long list.
So we need to opt a short way for getting all element values using jQuery. I have described three ways in this article.

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Getting Checkbox Values in jQuery

Many times we use checkbox in the form control and post the form using jquery ajax and then we are required to access those form data from client side scripts, like Javascript. Among all possible form control, dropdown box, checkbox and radio buttons are having multiple options to select. So, we need to push all selected values of these form controls into an array using Javascript

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Live text search using jQuery

Someday before I faced a question of live text search using jQuery means how to search a text with in a DOM element using jQuery. Live search using jquery script can be integrated easily on any page where you are listing products, user profiles, news, blog posts and any ordered or unordered lists etc.

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Full sized image with Fancybox

I was using Fancybox in one of my websites for showing images in popup. Everybody use Fancyboxto show data in popup with responsive way but here I had a different requirement of showing full sized image with Fancybox.

So same I am sharing here the solution of showing full sized image with Fancybox

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