Full sized image with Fancybox

I was using Fancybox in one of my websites for showing images in popup. Everybody use Fancyboxto show data in popup with responsive way but here I had a different requirement of showing full sized image with Fancybox.

So same I am sharing here the solution of showing full sized image with Fancybox

Fancybox has different versions. Currently it is running on version 2.1.5 So we need to change according to version. If we just want to display images in their original size (not resized to fit in the view port) then:

For Fancybox v2.x use the API option fitToView: false.
For fancybox v1.3.x use “autoScale”: false.

It is very simple solution and works. If you have any kind of problem with Fancybox then write to us.

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