5 ways to disable right click using jQuery or JavaScript

When we build a web application, a few times we do not want the users to use the right button of the mouse. Today, many of the code examples used to disable the right-click no longer work in most browsers and browsers such as Opera do not allow the right-mouse button to be disabled. In addition to this issue, disabling the right-click can cause serious accessibility issues and often only angers users.

However there are many ways to disable right click. Here we are discussing 5 of the most common ways to disable right click on your web application using jQuery or JavaScript.

Disable right click using jquery or javascript

Using JavaScript

We can call a function which will return false for oncontextmenu event of the HTML element for which we want to disable right click. Mostly it will be the body element because we want to disable right click on whole area of page.

 NOTE: oncontextmenu event is not supported in some browsers. So we should be careful about its use.

We can write it as follows

By capturing mousedown event, We can also disable right click of mouse :

Using jQuery

Another way by capturing mousedown/mouseup event:

These are all 5 ways to disable right click using jQuery or JavaScript but keep in mind, disabling right click isn’t security, it’s just annoying your users.

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