Remove bullets from unordered list

By default Unordered List in HTML render bullets on webpage. To remove bullets from unordered list you can set CSS rule list-style-type: none; for ‘ul‘.

Inline Style<ul style="list-style: none;"><li>...</li></ul>


Embedded/External CSS

You might also want to add margin:0; padding:0; to that, if you want to remove indentation as well. You can see in the code above that I have applied the same CSS rule to ‘li`s’ as well to make it work in IE9 too.

If you are using Twitter Bootstrap then there is already a class called ‘list-unstyled‘ in version 3 to remove the default ‘list-style‘ and left margin on list items (immediate children only). For version 2 it’s ‘unstyled‘. This only applies to immediate children list items, meaning you will need to add the class for any nested lists as well.

This is the basic CSS rule to hide or remove bullet points from unordered list and remove text indentation from lists.

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