Non-www to www redirect. http & https in apache htaccess

For a better site optimization and accessibility we might wish to redirect a non-www site to www. For this we have to write a few rules in htaccess file at our apache server. I’m mentioning here code of just 3 lines to achieve non-www to www redirect.

This solution doesn’t need to specify a domain name and will work for all domains whenever you are implementing a new project thus minimizing human error by not writing the domain name in htaccess file.

Non-www to www redirect (http & https)

Now if you don’t need a secure http protocol (https) than you might be happy with the code above and if you wish to support both http & https protocols in apache htaccess, the code below would help you to make a non-www to www redirect for http as well as https protocol.

Much perfect! And doesn’t redirect subdomains to www as well as takes care of https properly.

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