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Multiple forms on one page / controller and form validation

Sometimes it’s required to place two forms on one page in codeigniter like displaying login form and register form on same page. Although the views may be different but you can face conflict while displaying validation errors if the form actions are not separate (aren’t calling different methods in controller). Here is a workaround to validate one form at a time while placing multiple forms on one page in codeigniter.

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Keep checkbox checked after form submit in Codeigniter

The set_value(‘field name’) function in codeigniter allows us to retain the value of input field in form during form submission but it’s not applicable to keep checkbox checked if it was checked while the form was submitted or during postback submit refresh. Here to keep checkbox checked after form submit in Codeigniter, the set_checkbox() function plays the role.

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Form validation rule to validate checkbox in Codeigniter

Checkbox validation in Codeigniter form is not as straight as validating other input types. As usually we need to check if a checkbox is checked or unchecked during form submission likewise if user accepted or not ‘TOS (Terms of Services)’ through checkbox. So I have provided a form validation rule to validate checkbox as ‘required’ rule can’t do the task.

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