Categories in Hierarchical Order

Categories in Hierarchical Order plugin maintains the hierarchical order of categories list in Category tab under your WordPress admin post editor.

Download plugin: Categories in Hierarchical Order (Version 1.0)


In WordPress post editor window, the selected category/categories for which a post belongs to are by default pushed at top in category tab while saving the post by WordPress.

Whereas activating Categories in Hierarchical Order plugin will let WordPress not change the order category/categories means they will appear as per parent/child relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this plugin compatible with custom taxonomies?
Yes. this plugin supports custom taxonomy

Is there any setting option with this plugin?
No, this plugin hasn’t any setting


  • Download Categories in Hierarchical Order Plugin and categories-in-hierarchical-order folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory at your server
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard
  • Now you are ready


WordPress default category order

WordPress default category order

Categories in Hierarchical Order

Category hierarchy maintained by plugin

Download plugin: Categories in Hierarchical Order (Version 1.0)



* Maintain category hierarchical order


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