Placing text above foreground image in html

It’s quite common to use background image and place text above it but it’s also possible to use image in foreground and place text above foreground image overlay. You can also horizontal center or vertical center the text as explained in the article.

So our page contains a piece of HTML as follow:

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2 ways to center a column in Twitter Bootstrap 3

Here are 2 ways which you can use whenever you need to center a column div within `.container` in Twitter Bootstrap 3 as well as to keep empty space outside the `div` to be evenly distributed. First approach uses offset feature available in Bootstrap while it has a limitation and second approach is using `center-block` class with setting `float: none` in Twitter Bootstrap.

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2 ways to truncate foreign key constrained table

In MySQL we create tables and build relationship among them. In the process if we need to truncate foreign key constrained table then we can’t do it simply and MySQL will throw an error even we have already removed table having foreign key constraint:

ERROR 1701 (42000): Cannot truncate a table referenced in a foreign key constraint…

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Find object by value in array of objects

In PHP we either create objects and their array, or database returns array of objects as result-set of some query. There we might need to find an object which have a particular property-value pair. There is no direct function available in PHP to perform the same so I’m explaining here how can we find object by value in array of objects by using a foreach loop.

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Fancybox ajax content & navigation issue in group & popup

While working with fancybox, you might have noticed that any button or link or input inside fancybox popup just behaves like previous/next item slider, making that coming item to appear in popup rather of doing it’s assigned code on click. All the reason is the width specified for `fancybox-nav` class with higher `z-index` for it.

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MySQL insert row if not exists else update record

Sometimes we create MySQL tables which don’t contain auto increment primary key column instead they may have unique key or combination of unique indexes. In such tables we wish to insert a new row if primary/unique key or keys combination doesn’t exists and update record if exists.

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Get query string parameters values from URL in JavaScript

Sometimes we need to retrieve URL parameters values from browser address bar in our client side script to process some functioning like click to a button or show/hide some elements. Here I have created a function in JavaScript to get query string parameters from URL and displayed uses example.

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Htaccess redirect www to non www. http & https

This article will provide you htaccess rules to redirect a www website to non www. I prefer to make rule regardless of using name of specific domain so no-where in this article I have used domain name. The general sort of solution to make www to non www apache htaccess redirect

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.*)$ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://%1/$1 [R=301,L]

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