Add Link to Copied Text

Add Link to Copied Text Plugin is capable to add a link to your website or page along with your desirous setting whenever a visitor copy content from your website.
Alternatively you can also stop visitor to copy your content or replace copied text with your custom text.

Download plugin: Add Link to Copied Text (Version 1.3)


This plugin automatically adds a link to your website/page beneath copied text from your website to the page wherever visitors paste. This powerful plugin can also protect visitors to copy your content and works on almost all browsers.

We have tested this plugin with all major browsers including chrome, firefox, opera, safari and IE version 7 to 11.

Supported Languages

* English
* Spanish

If you have a translation please send it us and we would be glad to include it for everyone to use!


  • Download Add Link to Copied Text Plugin and upload the add-link-to-copied-text folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory at your server
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to ‘Settings’ => ‘Add Link’ menu under your Dashboard
  • Customize the setting as per your requirement and you’re ready

 Plugin Options

  1. Label to append: Text to append after copied content like ‘Continue reading: ‘ or ‘Read more at ‘.
  2.  Number of <br /> tags to insert before the link: How many <br /> tags do you want to insert between copied text and the label.
  3. Open link in new window/tab: Check this option if you want to open the link in new window/tab.
  4. Link to site instead of page/post: If checked then link to your website’s home page will be added to link rather than the page or post from where the content was copied. Option 5 will get disabled in this case.
  5. Use page/post title as link text: Text to use for hyperlink. If it wasn’t checked then the page/post url will be inserted otherwise page/post title will be used.
  6. Add site title as a separate link: A link back to your website’s home page will be added separately just after link to your page if this option is checked.  Option 6 will get disabled in this case.
  7. Add site title to link text: If you wish to add site title to link text then check the checkbox.
  8. Replace copied text with: You can add custom text here and content copied by user will be replaced by this one.
  9. Don’t let user copy my content: This will override all the settings specified above and user won’t be able to copy from your website.
    This behavior is browser specific. In some browsers user may see nothing when they will try to paste data whereas other can show data that was available in clipboard last before applying this particular option.


Add Link to Copied Text
Add Link to Copied Text

Download plugin: Add Link to Copied Text (Version 1.3)



* Added language: Spanish


* Option added to open link in new window/tab
* Bugfix: Link appears twice when text is copied from home page. Issue fixed


* Added option to let site title to appear as a separate link


* Let you enable to control when a visitor copy content from your website.


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